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26 February - 1 March 2018

This Floorplans site is updated on a daily basis to reflect any changes made on the day.

View and Download the Show Technical Plan:

  • There are three views available: Sales, Technical and Custom
  • Sales View shows stand number, company name and stand dimensions
  • Technical View shows height limits, pillars, ducts, and other technical information. Note downloading options for technical plans are: .PDF, .DXF and .SVG
  • Custom View should you wish to choose the technical information shown on the plans, you can do it through this view. Note you can download a version of your customised view in .PDF

Download your Individual Stand Technical Plan:

  • Navigate to the ‘Export’ Tab at the top of the page
  • Then go to: ‘Individual Stand’ > ‘Stand PDF’ > Select your Stand Number from the drop down list
  • Note your Individual Stand Plan .PDF may contain more than one page. Please make sure you review all information
  • Any build obstruction and height restriction within your space will be shown on your individual stand technical plan

Floorplan Keys: